A change in plans…

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As we go further into this time of quarantined, stay at home, I find myself falling into a routine that I really like.   I do miss the interaction with other people, very much, and I miss my students and school but I find that I am able to spend more time in God’s word, and enjoy the little things, that totally get missed in my usual schedule.  I have loved watching all of the beautiful birds in our yard, discovering that we have doves this year, and several families of blue jays, cardinals, and blue birds.  I have enjoyed spending time in the green house, and for the first time this year, I have successfully grown petunias, foxglove and phlox.  I have transplanted, watered and weeded outside, my flower beds, thanks to Howard are absolutely beautiful and I actually have time to enjoy them.

I have pulled out several of my piano books from college and have been practicing the piano, loving the extra time. I have discovered that writing notes and mailing cards to people, especially birthday greetings is such fun and keeps me in the loop.  My mother was the best card sender, ever, always adding little special notes in each one.  I have also had time to actually finish several books, in less than a month.  I have enjoyed following friends on Facebook as they share their special time at home.  I have prayed for them as they struggled with this whole work from home and helping children with school work.  I have rejoiced in their victories, laughed at their mishaps and prayed through their sad times.  Our megsmiles family has encouraged each other on runs and accomplishing new and exciting goals, as well as encouraging each other through life events, major milestones and living life.  I am grateful for the people that God has placed in my life, for this season and for the different things they bring to my journey.

I have gone through old pictures and sorted them and laughed at beautiful and fun memories, and cried too.  A lot of un-busy time, also leads to sad times, with too much time to think.  This also makes me remember the many people who have anxiety and depression and are now stuck at home with a loss of activities to help them move through this very strange time.

Our pastor at Cool Spring, Brad Hoffmann, did a sermon on Faith, and one of the bullets was that we now have an opportunity to express the character of our faith.  When it’s all been said and done – what will my faith have looked like?  Will I have given God all of the glory and praised Him through the midst of this pandemic?  Will I have rejoiced in the fact that HE is the giver of grace and I am a recipient through no action of my own?  I hope so, I hope my actions will always point to the giver of grace and Praise Him every day.

My challenge has been to stay put, my challenge has been to try and ignore the negative and focus on the joy.  Joy can be found everywhere, in the smallest things.  I am so grateful that in the midst of all of this, I can find joy, joy in memories, joy in the nature right outside my door, joy in the extra time with my family.  And the joy of discovering I don’t have to be BUSY all the time.

My life verse since I was 19, is 2 Corinthians 12:9, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.  It became my verse when I needed extra strength, as my mom went through breast cancer.  The grace of Jesus Christ is all I need and all I will ever need, his all sufficient grace, which allows me to find strength, when I am weak, joy when I am sad or discouraged, and defines my every action.

It is not easy to always let go and allow God the space to take care of our needs, but if we do, it will be so much easier.  We are strong and we are capable, but we are so much stronger and more able when we let God lead.   The character of my faith is defined in Jesus Christ.

When it’s all been said and done, there is just one thing that matters, did I do my best to live for truth, did I live my life for you?  Lord, your mercy is so great that you look beyond our weakness and find purest gold in miry clay making sinners into saints. I will always sing your praise, here on earth and ever after, for you’ve shown me Heaven’s my true home, when it’s all been said and done.  ~ Robin Marks

6 thoughts on “A change in plans…”

  1. Such good words to remember. You have been busy but taking time for the important things. I’ve enjoyed spending more time in prayer instead of praying on the fly! I’ve gotten my photos caught up—I had started on that last summer after my knee surgery! There were a lot but I enjoyed the memories. The albums will be a good thing for Ron and I to peruse together, now that they are organized.


    1. Thank you, Carolyn, I agree about the time for prayer and time to listen as well! I love going through the pictures, so many of the children little and Meg and my grandchildren. Lots of good memories. You have so many from your wonderful trips!


  2. Pam, I found your blogs by Devine intervention. They are so beautiful and refreshing to read. I love you and your family. In God’s Grace, Bob Crummette.


  3. Pam. Your words are beautiful. I appreciate your joy and your smile, even though I can not see it right now. You are an inspiration to many. We love you dearly!
    The Russo Family


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